Monday, 13 August 2012

Meal Planning Monday


Well, this is my first ever entry to meal planning Monday courtesy of the Meal Planning Linky on At Home with Mrs M! although far from being my first ever meal plan.  In fact, as Thrifty Mummy, meal planning is the one thing that I consistently do to actually try to keep the costs down.

As I live in Scotland, our wee angels go back to school this Wednesday - so no more leisurely dinners cooked with a glass of wine in hand and served well past 5pm.  Oh no, back to the REGIME which is probably reflected a wee bit in my meal plan for this week.  The theme being 'easy meals'.

Monday - Full English Salad (courtesy of BBC Good Food this month and reflective of the fact that I still have sausages and some salad left from our final BBQ *sniff* of the school holidays)

Tuesday - Baked potatoes with tuna, sweetcorn, mayo and salad

Wednesday - Spaghetti Bolognese (bulked out with courgettes and fresh tomatoes as the kids will have failed to consume any of their 5-a-day that I pack into their snacks and lunchboxes for school!)

Thursday - Sweet Potato, Egg and Chorizo Salad with crusty bread (a family favourite that I really should feature on this blog in my favourite recipe pages).  Essentially, it's griddled sweet potato slices and chorizo, served with boiled egg and salad and drizzled with a dressing made up of chorizo oil (from cooking) mixed with lemon juice and garlic.  Simple but delicious!

Friday - Thai Style Turkey Patties Served with sweet chilli sauce and salad

Saturday - Veggie Pasta (with sauce out of a jar!)

Sunday - Roast Chicken with new potatoes and roasted summer veg. 


  1. That sweet potato, chorizo and egg salad sounds like an absolutely fabulous combination! Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks Seren - it is delicious. The whole meal planning Monday linky has made me ravenous though!

  2. I love chorizo! The Thai patties sound good too :) x

    1. We love chorizo too (can't believe I was veggie for years!). Thanks!

  3. Definitely will have to try griddled sweet potatoes, the babe will love them too. Thanks!