Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Inspirational Children

I read a post today which I just had to blog about as it demonstrates the power of the human spirit and, in particular, the strength and compassion of a little girl in the US and how it changed the lives of hundreds of others living thousands of miles away.

In my 'real job' I run my own fundraising consultancy and, reading through some of the leading fundraising blogs this morning, I came across a post by The Agitator, about charity: water a US charity and how they thanked donors to a campaign they ran last year.  By the end of the post (and more importantly, the link to the charity's video that accompanied their donor email) I had tears running down my face.

Last year, a little girl called Rachel decided she wanted to raise money for charity: water to help children in Africa to get fresh drinking water.  She decided she would raise $300 and asked everyone to donate to the charity instead of giving her birthday presents.  She raised $220 and told her mum she would try harder next year.  One month later, she was killed in a tragic car accident and the resulting publicity about this caring, considerate wee girl ended up bringing in donations of $1.2 million which help 149 communities across Africa (rather than the 15 people she had originally intended).

The attached video is on their website.  Have a hankie at the ready but I just had to write about it as the girl and her family are truly inspiring.  No-one wants to think of anything like this happening to their children but for her mother to continue to fundraise in her daughter's name is, I think, inspirational and courageous.  And I don't think for a minute I could do it.

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