Family Favourite Recipes

In the interests of neatness (and because my BritMums big sis suggested it - thanks Cass!) I thought it would be good to organise my blog a wee bit more.  So here are a few of my favourite recipes all in the one spot for those of you that fancy just getting straight to the point without the waffling about kids, pumpkins or my usual waffling...

Anyway, here goes:

Thai Spiced Turkey Patties - these are delicious, easy and quick to make and the perfect alternative to a Friday night curry (and they're even healthy too!!)

Apple Scones - if you're in need of a hug (and there's no-one handy to oblige) make yourself a batch of these, slather while still warm in butter and jam and then sit back and enjoy with a cuppa (or just shove a whole one in your mouth before anyone comes into the kitchen!!)

Homemade Bread - I am still perfecting the art of bread making and usually, when I think I've cracked it, one of my loaves doesn't work and I can't quite figure out what I've done differently/wrong.  Anyway, I've found this is a good recipe to ensure relative success (although not sure it would pass the Paul Hollywood test!)

Tomato Chutney - I've never been partial to chutney but I must admit, I really enjoyed this with a big block of cheese and an oatcake (or two!)

Any Berry Jam - nope, I don't own a preserving pan but I do own a microwave - and it does work.  So well, in fact, some of these made it all the way into last year's Christmas hampers!

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