Monday, 13 August 2012

Inspiring a Generation

OK, not London but Edinburgh's Olympic rings
So what was my favourite Olympics moment? 

Screaming at the TV while Chris Hoy belted over the line in the keirin? 
Jumping up and down while Andy Murray smashed Federer and claimed the gold? 
Crying with the two rowers who, after giving their all were gutted to have come in second? Watching Jess Ennis power over the line, Mo Farrah winning 2 golds or Tom Daly's huge grin as he leapt into the pool on winning bronze? 

And of course, let's not forget last night's closing ceremony which was quite bad (compared the the fantastic opening ceremony) but which was turned into an evening of triumph by the commenting on Twitter which was hilarious!

Actually, it's probably all of those moments and more besides but most of all the reaction of Cheeky Boy and Toots has made the whole Games come to life on our house. They've followed cycling, badminton, tennis, hockey, fencing, swimming and diving with huge enthusiasm. They've started a regime of warm ups and cool downs every morning and Toots even decided to take up running with her Mummy!

Today, Toots is off to practice her butterfly stroke in the pool (she's 6 and has already mastered the body wiggle part - I can't do it to save my life!) and CB can't wait for his next hockey tournament in a few weeks time and is desperate to get back to practice.

They're sporty kids already but having seen for themselves what hard work can achieve (rather than their folks banging on about it) they seem to have grasped that they do need to put the graft in BEFORE the tournaments can be won (for the moment at any rate).

So sharing the Olympics experience with the kids has definitely been the highlight for me.
All 3 of us try to get in on the Olympic action - 400 miles north but you get the drift.
Sir Chris Hoy's Post Box (well the one he got for the team sprint - his keirin win is actually in Hunter Square)

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