Endless nights out, foreign holidays and facials are a thing of the past now that I'm Mum to two tearaways, living in the countryside (well, almost) and working for myself.  So, while I'm a long way off keeping pigs and chickens, I'm aiming to grow, cook and even make as much as I can in the interests of saving money! 

I originally started this blog to share some of my cooking experiments, ideas for growing your own, tips on what not to do(!), and generally having fun with the family on a budget - because let's face it, who doesn't need to save money?

The idea for writing this started when I decided to give everyone home-made Christmas presents a couple of years ago to save a bit of cash.  To my surprise, they went down rather well and so my mini-experiment has become something that I do all year round.  

Since starting out, the blog has grown to include general family life, as well as saving money, and I have now started to feature some of our favourite recipes - including dairy free ones as our youngest has something of an intolerance to all things dairy.