Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Listography - 5 Teenage Crushes

After laughing over the entries in this week's Listography over on Kate Takes 5 I had to stop my chortling and join in.  First of all, at the risk of seeming to have completely copied Kate, my first 2 are exactly the same:

1. James Dean - I loved him and was strangely devastated about the fact that he was dead (even though he was quite clearly dead before my crush began!)  I never said I wasn't a weirdo.

2. Michael J Fox - I saw Back to the Future, Teen Wolf, Family Ties - everything and anything that he was in about a million times.  And was very happy that he was about my height!  Suspect it was because I was 14 and he was totally unthreatening (being that he resembled a teenage boy).

3. Harrison Ford - yep, from the sublime cute boy to the ridiculous!  I LOVED Han Solo and Indiana Jones with a passion.  And I definitely didn't get the whole Luke Skywalker thing (and time has borne me out on this one - compare the two actors and see who you think has aged best).  And when Blade Runner came out (or possibly, when I was old enough to see it) I fell in love with him even more.  Even the fact that he's only 2 days younger than my Dad didn't put me off (and it hasn't put Calista Flockhart off either!)

4. Prince - ah, the diminutive one - do you see a theme forming?  I watched Purple Rain (the bloody awful film) about a million times and hated Appolonia (or whatever her name was) followed by Sheena Easton (although I think I already hated her).  I didn't mind the fact he was little and wore heels - I just adored the purple midget.

5. Leroy (yep, from Fame) aka Gene Anthony Ray.  My walls were covered in Leroy posters; I bought the Kids from Fame albums (the ones accompanying the dodgy TV series, not the edgy Ridley Scott film); and I even went to see them in concert.  At end of said concert, I ran to the front and shook hands with Leroy - and didn't wash it for about a week!  

Thankfully, I'm not a teenager any more and can only blame hormones for my, quite frankly, dodgy taste in the opposite sex!  Thanks for the trip down memory lane Kate.  Now I think I need to hide in a darkened room to get over the shame.


  1. None of your photos are showing by the way there's just a blue question mark.I loved Fame and was priveleged to be in the Fame dance gang.Those were the days.

  2. Oh God I nearly had Prince on my list but convinced myself it was the music rather than the man that I admired and therefore saved myself the embarrassment of coming clean! Well done you on being so honest :)

  3. Prince, really? Your list is brilliant!

    1. Yes, londonmum, Prince really. The shame...