Monday, 10 October 2011

'Best Day Ever!!!'

The title of today's post is, for the eagle eyed among you, a quote from Tangled - quite possibly my daughter's favourite film AND coincidentally (and rather fortunately for this blog post) the film that was played most on the long drive to our holiday this year.  I say fortunately because this post is about the best day spent with my family which has to be the fantastic, fabulous, exhausting, entertaining, thrilling, funny and down right brilliant day spent at Legoland Windsor.

After a week on a farm in Devon, we decided to take a detour on the long trip 500 miles north - but didn't tell the kids what we had planned.  On the last morning of our holidays, the sun shone, the temperature was already hitting 20 degrees as we left the hotel at 9am and it was all looking perfect.  Then we got lost in Eton (which doesn't have a direct driving route through it to Windsor even though it looks as though it does on the map!!!).  The kids still had no idea where we were going although we were getting rather hot under the collar especially as my sister 'Auntie Carole' was already at Legoland and phoning with updates on how busy the car park was getting.  To keep the kids off the scent, we told them we were going to Windsor Castle.  Massive huffs and harrumphs from the back seat - sneaky grins shared between us in the front :-)

As we got nearer, Cheeky spotted a road sign and, voice shaking with excitement, whispered 'Are we going to Legoland?'  Shrieks of joy from the back when we confirmed that indeed we were.  And what a day!  Roller Coasters, Viking Rides, Pirate Training Camps, Fire Engines, Hot Air Balloons and, of course, the ubiquitous Lego itself!  Not to mention, the miniature land which they used to show on Blue Peter when I was a kid.  We hired a Q-Bot to avoid standing for too long in queues which was our only expense (£15 each, incidentally, so not cheap).  However, Thrifty Mummy isn't my name for nothing - our tickets had been purchased via Tesco Clubcard vouchers which saved us a small fortune.

Top recommendations have to be the Water Park (if you get a hot day that is); the Driving School (where they get a 'driving licence' afterwards) and Pirate Falls (bring a change of clothes!).  Three months later and we're all still raving about Legoland and planning our next trip back there - I think the photos say it all...

In the Viking Maze (pre-soaking)

Scary Driver

Careful Driver

Mini Scotland

Kids Rollercoaster - still scared me!

Splash!  (We are actually in a boat under all that water)


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  1. Ooh, what a fab day indeed! Too bad you didn't video your kids in the car when they sussed out they were going to Legoland! ;)

    Thanks so much for taking up the BritMums Blogging Prompt! Well done you!
    :) Karin @ BritMums

  2. What a lovely surprise for the children! I bet their faces were priceless!! It certainly seems like you all had a brilliant day!

  3. Ooh what a fun day that seems! I live about 10 minutes from Legoland Windsor yet have never been there! Though I suppose when my boy is a little older, it'll be great to take him. Seems like the most family-friendly amusement park in these parts. :) Great pics, too!

  4. Fantastic! Haven't been to Lego Land yet and am majorly jealous after seeing these photos and hearing what a fab time you had!

  5. Oh it looks fabby - I'd love to take my pre-schoolers there one day soon - what fun!
    Great photos too!