Friday, 30 September 2011

Down Shep!

Sorry, I've been channelling John Noakes ever since I read somewhere recently about Blue Peter becoming 'cool' as it's too old fashioned for today's 'yoof, innit'.  (Don't you just hate it when old people try to get 'down with the kids'?!).

Anyhoo, apparently, they're getting rid of the pets (not in a sinister way, I should add - some are being retired while others are sent off to new homes) while the programme itself follows others in the BBC stable and relocates to Manchester. 

It won't be the same - but then again, of course, kids aren't the same, are they?  I think back to me as a kid and think how unsophisticated I would be compared to kids today - although, of course, I fitted right in at the time (the time being the '70's/early '80's!!)  Somehow, I can't see my little angels being thrilled with  Blue Peter's efforts to produce the Advent Crown at Christmas time. 

And who can forget the Advent Crown?  The grandly titled home-made Christmas project that was essentially, two coat hangers linked together, covered in non-flammable tinsel before being adorned with four candles - one at each corner - that the presenters lit at the end of each week in December.  Ah, the Advent Crown/Mobile/Fire Hazard.  Fond memories.

And it just won't be Blue Peter without the animals - who can forget Shep, Petra and Goldie?  Petra even got her own bust in the Blue Peter garden!  And the Blue Peter garden - or perhaps it was some other location? - was also home to the time capsule.  Now, of course, buried so long ago that they've probably already unearthed it to show today's kids what their weird, wonderful and very out of touch contemporaries were up to in the late seventies.

The new look Blue Peter will feature less fluffy animals and more digital technologies.  What?!  Although the fact that doesn't really appeal to me all that much no doubt means that it'll be bang on the money in terms of attracting a younger audience.  I know things have to move with the times and nothing last forever and all that - but it does make me feel dreadfully old to think that Blue Peter is considered old fashioned and unappealing to the younger generation (particularly as I passed a certain birthday milestone this year).

One thing that hasn't changed about Blue Peter is their encouragement to get their viewers to think of others and they're launching the new series with a fundraising baking challenge for kids.  So, if you're looking for a way to get your kids interested in baking and to encourage their community-spirited side check out the Blue Peter Bake a Difference for Children in Need campaign.  With a Bake a Difference cook book, How to Run a Bakesale guidelines and posters (for your bake sale obviously) all free to print off. 

It's the October half term holidays here in a few short weeks so I'm intending to get organised myself and at least print off the cook book to encourage my kid's to get creative (messy in other words) in the kitchen!

Blue Peter presenter, Barney Harwood, launches the Bake a Difference Appeal

So, do you think the new Blue Peter format is a travesty or do you recognise, like me, that times they are a-changing and these things are all really just a way to point out to us that we've become old and untrendy just like we thought our parents were?

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