Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Poor Unloved Garden

As all good makeover shows know, you have to have a Before and After shot .  Well, here are my 'before' shots and I'm now completely daunted by the scale of the task ahead!!!  OK, OK, I took the photo at the end of last week so it was January but, dear me, I have just realised the scale of the mountain I'm going to have to climb.

The slightly out of focus veg box (courtesy of my rubbish BlackBerry phone camera!) is completely empty as is the one behind it while the other one has some very sad, squashed, brown leafed strawberry plants in it!  And I haven't even dared take a photo of the front!

Anyway, here it is - and it won't look like this for long (I hope!)

I might have taken the clothes dryer down!

Out of focus but still glaringly empty!

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