Monday, 31 January 2011

Bad Weather & Birthdays!

Well, my first weekend of clearing the garden got off to a rubbish start!  Between rotten weather and children's illnesses (not to mention Mr Thrifty coming down with a bad case of flu - he has a cold!) nothing was done in the garden this weekend!

It still looks dishevelled and disgraceful - particularly next to my elderly neighbours a few doors along who all seem to have pristine gardens despite the fact they're not half as spritely as me.  It's shameful!

More shameful than my rubbish gardening efforts, however, has been my total lack of organisation when it comes to Cheeky Boy's birthday party!  On waking up on Friday, I suddenly realised that I had two weeks left until the big day - and I haven't organised a thing!!!!!  So, after a hasty check with him to see what he wanted to do, we've decided upon a small group of friends going bowling and for pizza.  I printed off some half-hearted invites - decorated with Sonic the Hedgehog of course (he's going to be 8) - and rushed down to school with them today. 

Now, perhaps I'm niaive but I didn't realise organising a kids birthday could be so stressful!  So far, I've already had one refusal (his birthday is the first weekend of half term so I'm expecting more).  To complicate matters, a good friend asked whether I wanted to make it a joint venture with her son who will be a year older the following weekend.  I ummed and awwed - which I feel terrible about as it looked like I didn't want them to share their celebrations.  It's not that at all, it's just that I'd already been rubbish on the organisation front and his nibs was expecting something on his actual birthday (my friend is also away for half term so the celebration would have to be the following weekend). 

I suggested a joint party to my son which he was delighted about - until I got to the part where it wasn't on his actual birthday.  You see, I'd promised him a trip to the bowling with his friends on his birthday - not a week later.  Of course, I'm now torn between upsetting my friend or upsetting my son.  Part of me thinks he's being spoiled (we never had parties when I was a kid AND we're offering to take him out with the family on his actual birthday instead) and part of me thinks I promised something with his friends on his birthday so I can't go back on it.

Of course, given that it's half term, there could end up only being two of them anyway!!!  I'm sure it will all resolve itself - at least I hope it will - but I can't help thinking I'm going to start the whole fiasco all over again in a few weeks.  Toots has already started making noises about her 5th birthday party which isn't until APRIL!!!!

Sometimes I long for a return to the days when your mum said, 'It's your birthday so you get to choose what we're having for tea'.  And if I was really lucky, I got to invite a friend.  Somehow, I think I'm not going to get away with that with my two.  So much for being thrifty!! 

What to do?  Can't help thinking someone is going to be annoyed with me either way!

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