Saturday, 23 October 2010

We're Witches of Hallowe'en Whoo Hooo!

Cheeky Boy has a school fancy dress party on 2nd November (phew, gives me a bit longer to plan!) and he’s decided to go as Harry Potter.  Excellent idea.  Not least because he wears specs not dissimilar to the aforementioned boy wizard so I don’t need to worry about making those. 

Speaking of Harry Potter, he is fantastic!  OK, I know he’s fictional but the boy wizard has done wonders for spec wearing children the world over.  I remember when I was at school no-one wanted to wear glasses and those who did got picked on relentlessly (or maybe that was just my school?!).

Anyway, fast forward twenty years (OK, OK, thirty) and they’re practically begging to wear glasses!  I had no idea that Cheeky had any problems with his eyesight.  I just happened to ask what age the optician recommended starting checks for the kids when I was having my own eyes tested only to discover that his nibs met the starting age (which is 3 and a half to 4, in case you were wondering).  So one eye test later we discovered that he has an astigmatism in both eyes which means (I think) that he’s both long and short sighted.  Or in other words, where eyes are normally round like footballs, his are shaped like rugby balls.  And his right eye was seeing so little that his brain was ignoring it – which isn’t good.  Spectacles were quickly prescribed. 

I had a certain feeling of dread, worrying about how he would react to the news that he would have to wear glasses.  ‘Brilliant!’ he exclaimed, ‘can I have Harry Potter specs?’ 

So, he’s been wearing them ever since.  Not the same specs you understand, that was three years ago, he’s been through at least 9 pairs of specs since then! 

Anyway, back to the fancy dress checklist: 
Specs – check. 
Harry Potter wand – check (I’m going to cheat with that one as he has a wand). 
Broomstick – check.

Apparently, I have to source (i.e. make) a cape – even I should manage that - and a ‘proper’ Hogwarts badge and scarf.  So, it’s off to the fabric shop for me today(where the scary intimidating lady will no doubt scowl at me as it becomes instantly apparent that I’ve not the slightest clue what I’m talking about!!).  I will post a wee photo here to show you the results. 

Please let me know what you're making for Hallowe'en and post your pictures too!

Image by Dunleavy Family reproduced under Creative Commons Licence

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