Saturday, 10 November 2012

Scary Hallowe'en Kids

OK, so I'm a week late with this post but it's not my fault - honest!! The school Hallowe'en disco was a week late as the kids moved into a fabulous new building. So I didn't get to unleash my creativity until this week!

Hallowe'en isn't my favourite time if year. I stress about my kids costumes and I hate how it's become so commercial like Christmas. I also don't like the American-isation of it. We used to dook for apples and go 'guising' which meant dressing up (in disguise hence the name) going round to your neighbours and performing a joke or a song for a wee treat. Half the kids coming to ours just held their hands out for loads of sweets (needless to say, I made them at least tell a joke before they got a thing!)

Anyway, rant over and onto my kids costumes...
Now sewing and are are not bosom buddies so the costumes were a combination of shop bought and distressed by me. I was quite chuffed with my face painting efforts though...

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