Tuesday, 31 July 2012

What Summer?

I promise I'm not going to rant about the weather (well, not much) but has anyone else been completely underwhelmed with their veg patch this year? My lettuces have come to naught, my beet root while looking impressive are only tops - the bottoms have yet to develop. My runner beans are half the height they should be and only have 2 flowers on them!

Anyway, the kids - who always love the summer harvest, have finally joined me in my disappointment (instead of telling me to stop moaning). They harvested a huge number of fully puffed up pea pods, shelled them excitedly and got this...


  1. We are having a terrible time in the garden too!

    1. I really do have to stop moaning about the weather - I'm even boring myself - but on top of not having enjoyed a day out without it raining; having a house full of dripping clothes because every time I hang out a load of washing it starts raining; and just generally feeling cold and miserable, I can't even enjoy my veggie patch! Am hoping that this means the autumn harvest will be fabulous (but not holding my breath!)