Monday, 31 October 2011


Last week, my laptop decided that, after 3 plus years of use, it had had enough and simply wasn't going to connect to the Internet anymore.  After much cajoling, coaxing, shouting and ignoring, I finally had to admit that it wasn't going to work (not without mouth to mouth from an IT expert to sort out that fatal disc error anyway).

So, considering the fact that I'd been fairly determined to get myself a new computer anyway, I took myself off to Edinburgh and came back a few hours later the proud (although very, very skint) owner of a shiny new iMac.  Now, you'll assume that this blog post has absolutely NOTHING to do with being thrifty - and you'd be right.

Macs are beautiful and effective - in fact, as I'm discovering, fantastic compared to my chuntering laptop - but one thing they definitely are not is cheap.  I am, however, hoping that they're value for money (especially as I still hyperventilate when I remember how much it cost).

No, the point of this post is to wonder at the incredible natural ability kids seem to have for IT.  We've never owned a Mac before.  My husband uses them in his work, at his work but not in our house.  And, as far as I'm aware, the kid's schools don't have Macs either.  So how come, the kids knew how it worked the minute it was out the box and set up (which unbelievably took all of 5 minutes - I took it out of the box, I plugged it into the wall, switched it on and it was up and running, connected to the Internet AND my WiFi printer all without me having to install anything!  No, this isn't a sponsored post - I wish).

Anyway, here are Cheeky Boy's efforts - I know it's all Mac tricks, I'm just impressed that he figured them out in minutes (if not seconds!).  I hadn't even realised there was a camera on the flippin' computer!!!

Is it just me being slow or are kids really just whizzes on computers (Gawd, I sound like someone's Nan!!).  (And yes, my kids are posers!)

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