Friday, 23 September 2011


Was going to entitle this post, Fed Up Friday but thought that was way too gloomy for my final post before the weekend.  But the truth of the matter is that I'm well and truly fed up!

After a fab day out with the kids and some friends last Saturday, I lost my engagement ring.  It was cold, the ring is a little on the large side and it just slipped off while I was gesticulating to explain the wonders of Paris (which is where the friend I was talking to is going for her 40th and ironically - oh, the irony - where my now husband got down on one knee and proposed).  Said ring, flew off my hand and landed in the footwell of her car under the passenger front seat.  We both laughed and got down on our knees to get it out from under the chair.  But it wasn't there!  We hunted the entire car, made sure her dog hadn't eaten it (she hadn't) and even moved the car forward to check the ground around the car.  Convinced at the time that it would show up, I wasn't too bothered at that point.  After all, it was under the front seat of her car, wasn't it?

Her husband kindly cleared the entire car out that night and checked everywhere - no ring.  He even took it into the garage where they checked behind various panels - still no ring!  It is one of lifes mysteries indeed.  The conclusion of both car owner and mechanic is that it fell into the vent - which I don't think the mechanic could get into - and has probably been expelled by the car by now.  A fact which may explain the strange disappearing ring phenomenon but doesn't really solve the problem of me having lost my engagement ring.

As the week has gone on I've become increasingly (and quite irrationally) grumpy about it.  After all, it's just a ring, right?  Phone calls to the police and checking the streets around where I lost it have proved fruitless and, sadly, I think a phone to the insurance company is the next action point on my list.  Although part of me thinks 'what's the point?'  All they'll do (assuming they pay up) is give me the money for another ring.  But my engagement ring was made for me.  We chose it together after my husband's whirlwind proposal (we'd been together 5 months).  He didn't spend three month's salary on it as friend's of mine did - or even one month.  But it did cost quite a bit for us at the time.  The point is though, to me, it was priceless.  Everyone thought the stone was an emerald (which used to make me laugh - an emerald that size would have been about 4 months salary at least!).  It was a green garnet.  Unusual in an engagement ring but my favourite colour and my birthstone all wrapped in one.  The point is, it meant something to us.  And I've gone and lost it!

I keep trying to tell myself that it's just a ring, it might show up, there are far worse things that could happen (of course there are!) but it doesn't get away from the fact that I'm still really sad and completely fed up that, after all these years of wearing it and NEVER taking it off, it's gone forever.

Anyway, enough of my harping on.  I promise to return next week fully refreshed and restored and less grumpy (and even if I'm not I'll pretend to be on here!).  A friend suggested that if/when the insurance company pay up that I shouldn't get a replica (the jeweller who made it seems to have gone out of business anyway) but I should finally get that eternity ring that never materialised on our 10th wedding anniversary (although much promised).  Hmmm, there's a thought.  Maybe every cloud...  Nah, it's not working yet (but there's hope!)

(This is completely unrelated but, as it's Cupcake Week - thanks to for reminding us of that - I thought I'd post a photo of my 40th birthday cupcakes that my friend made in an effort to cheer me up.  She's also a GP so clever and a fantastic chef - some people just have all the talents, don't they?!)

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  1. You are right when you said some people have all the talents.. Thanks for linking up at Exposure 99% weekday hop..Following back and i look forward being part of your blog. Have a great weekend.