Wednesday, 20 October 2010

It’s Life, Jim, but not as we know it.

OK, not being a Trekkie, that might not be the exact quote but you get the idea.  Like every other parent on the planet, my life changed beyond recognition after the arrival of Cheeky Boy nearly eight years ago – possibly slightly before.  Lack of sleep was due to endless hours pacing the living room floor rather than spent staying far too late in bars chatting with friends.  Here I was (terrifyingly) responsible for this gorgeous, sweet, little bundle of energy.  

 Three short years later and Stinker Dhu (also known as Toots) came along, making me determined to change my working situation (I’d had to go back full-time for a number of reasons).  I also became the mummy who used and enthused (probably bored people to tears in reality) about real nappies, breast fed her until she was two and insisted that we all move to the countryside (well, in reality, a small town in the countryside) but still a world away from all our favourite restaurants, theatres, cinemas and friends in the city (well, who doesn’t drive these days?!).

After 18 months working four days a week and commuting 60 miles a day, Mr Thrifty and I decided enough was enough (if I’m honest, I think he was exhausted listening to me complain endlessly about the situation) and I handed in my notice (what a fabulous feeling that was!) and went freelance. 

I’m not that different from lots of others who’ve had kids – i.e. my life is chaos, I’m an unpaid taxi service and I have no money.  In the interests of saving money, doing a wee bit for the planet and trying to be a bit more creative, I’ve decided to fully embrace a Make Do and Mend attitude that would make my Granny proud (actually, she was THE original consumer but let’s pretend she was like those grannies the media are always bleating on about). 

So, here’s my diary of my own personal (well, family) experiment.  And my new commandments:

I will grow my own fruit and veg;
It shall be cooked and eaten by the family (Toots is likely to put a spanner in the works there!);
and (time will tell if the next decision is sensible or foolhardy) I will make, rather than buy, certain items for the house. 

To kick it off, we’re having a homemade Hallowe’en – so I thought I’d share the pain – and perhaps get some tips from others who are much better at this than me!


  1. Look forward to following your progress, I could do with a few tips. My garden is shameful even though I feel like I've done loads of work on it :(

  2. Looking forward to keeping you updated but please feel free to post your tips too. The more the merrier!

  3. We have fun home made Hallowe'ens - DD, 8, is very happy cutting out coloured card in orange, black and white to make pumpkins, witches, cats and ghosts to decorate the house. Apparently pumpkins can be grown easily ... one for next year LOL!

  4. Funnily enough, you've pre-empted my next post, which is all about a home-made Hallowe'en! Looking forward to it!